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Third Party helpers, frameworks, and libraries

Patrick Bradley (58974)

by Matt Donnelly
Swift Version: unspecified
A Twitter framework for iOS & OS X written in Swift

by Fosco Marotto
Swift Version: unspecified
From Parse's official blog. One of the best things about Swift for existing iOS developers is that it’s fully compatible with existing Objective-C libraries, including system libraries like Cocoa and third-party libraries like Parse.

by Jonathan Karon
Swift Version: unspecified
I make iOS apps. I care about how stable and performant they are, so I’m excited by Apple’s announcement of its latest programming language, Swift. People have been asking me what it means for New Relic Mobile.

by Eirik Madland
Swift Version: 1.1
Just a list of things to do when adding Parse as part of your project.

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