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by Brad Heintz
Swift Version: unspecified
Parse offers a toolset for server-side storage and processing that lets you build apps that need a back end, without having to build that back end yourself. (It covers much of the same ground as CloudKit, but has features that CloudKit does not at this time – but that’s a topic for another blog post.)

by Fosco Marotto
Swift Version: unspecified
From Parse's official blog. One of the best things about Swift for existing iOS developers is that it’s fully compatible with existing Objective-C libraries, including system libraries like Cocoa and third-party libraries like Parse.

by Jameson Quave
Swift Version: unspecified
Let’s say you’re working on an iOS app where you need to pass data to a server as JSON. Just about every app that interacts with a server does this, and almost always there is a login API call.

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