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During Apple's WWDC 2015, we were very happy to host a panel of leading voices from the Swift community. Reflecting of Apple's latest announcements, including Swift 2.0 and Xcode 7, we look back on the last year, and we look ahead, to the new opportunities & challenges we face as a community.

by Jesse Squires
Swift Version: 1.1
Core Data is a framework of great power, but it often comes with great frustration. Nevertheless, it remains a popular choice for many iOS developers. In this talk, Jesse Squires presents practical strategies for those moving away from an Objective-C model, detailing the bugs and complexities you'll likely encounter, how to work around them, and how Swift can bring new clarity to your model objects.

by Justin Spahr-Summers
Swift Version: 1.1
Carthage is a new dependency manager for Objective-C and Swift projects, intended to be the simplest way to add frameworks to a Cocoa application. This talk explains what Carthage is and how to use it, then dives into the philosophy of ruthless simplicity that inspired the project.

by Ayaka Nonaka
Swift Version: 1.0
Apple has offered an API for natural language processing since iOS 5, which allowed us to tokenize text, detect the language, and determine parts of speech. With Swift and the introduction of Playgrounds, it’s faster and more delightful than ever to experiment with linguistics! Learn as Ayaka Nonaka talks about how to build a spam detector in Swift, starting with the basic theory and ending with a fully functional Naive Bayes classifier.

by Jeff Hui
Swift Version: 1.1
Software tests are great for verifying software behavior and improving the quality of your code. In this talk, we learn from Jeff Hui about tooling, techniques, and writing tested code in Swift with the Quick testing framework.

by Natasha Murashev
Swift Version: 1.0
One of the key features of WatchKit at the moment is its dependence on the host iOS app to do most of the data processing work. In this talk, Natasha of shared advanced techniques for sharing data between your iOS app and your WatchKit Extension and how to best architect your project for this purpose.

by Chris Eidhof
Swift Version: 1.0
Building Micro-Libraries in Swift

by Andy Matuschak
Swift Version: 1.0
People tell you that you’re supposed to avoid mutable state, but how can anything happen if you never call a setter? People tell you that you’re supposed to write unit tests, but how can you test a user interaction? People tell you that you’re supposed to make your code reusable, but how can you factor it out of your enormous view controllers? Andy Matuschak is an iOS Developer at Khan Academy, and previously helped build iOS 4.1–8 on the UIKit team. In this talk, he presents a pragmatic approach to managing complexity in inherently stateful systems.

Swift Version: 1.0
By using dynamic frameworks, Swift and new iOS8 SDK features, we can build modular iOS apps with common design guidelines. This talk by Mustafa Furniturewala, a Coursera software engineer working on the Swift version of their app, will show you how.

by Warren Moore
Swift Version: 1.0
Warren Moore, a former Apple engineer, recently stopped by the Swift Language User Group to give an introduction to 3D graphics, Apple’s new Metal framework, and how you can use Metal for 3D rendering from Swift. His presentation covered a lot of ground and was a perfect intro for anybody trying to learn more about 3D, game development, and Swift.

To celebrate the end of the year and the first 6 months of Swift, we asked ten of our Swift-est friends for their favorite Swift tips & tricks of 2014.

Swift Version: 1.0
For the holiday season, we held a special meetup featuring the 12 Apps of Swiftmas! We hand-picked 12 Swift projects created in 2014, and invited their creators to share issues or neat Swift features they ran into, in front of our very special Swiftmas Tree. There were presentations on a variety of projects, from an iWatch extension, to a bitcoin wallet framework, and more!

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