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Filter Tutorials by Swift Version Number

April 18th, 2016

Discovering tutorials that both teach the lesson I want to learn and work with my current version of Swift can be difficult. To help alleviate this we are adding version number support to tutorials posted on SoSoSwift. Now you can filter tutorials by your target Swift version. You can see Apple's official Swift revision history here.

Drop down version filter for tutorials.

In this update we have also finally added the ability for users to edit their posts. I would imagine it is shocking that this isn't already a feature after nearly two years of operation but the new version support finally tipped the scales and made this crucially important.

For all the tutorials added prior to today a script will be run that adds a version number based on the date the tutorial was posted on SoSoSwift and the version history posted by Apple. This will yield some innacuracies but it is better than having no version information on older posts.

If you are a tutorial creator you can now edit this version information individually on any post, so please check after they are updated. In the future, when you refresh old tutorials on your site and bring them up-to-date with the current version of Swift be sure to come to SoSoSwift and bump the version number on here so people know it is still relevant.

This update is somewhat small but it will add to the utility of SoSoSwift in a significant way. Filtering searches by language version number is not a task that Google is particularly effective at performing and we hope SoSoSwift will make this easier for you.

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