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User Reputations

July 13th, 2014

This weekend I added user "reputations" to SoSoSwift. Reputations are a way to recognize user contributions to the site. The actions users are awarded reputation points for are vital to the health and growth of Actions such as posting new links, creating requests for tutorials, responding to those requests, voting, and creating popular collections are all awarded various amounts of points. It is not my intent to be secretive about the point system, I just assume that it will be adjusted a bit in the future and would rather now print hardcoded values in this blog. :)

My profile header with the new reputation.

Currently my reputation absolutely crushes everyone else's. It would be a great day for me if I was overtaken as the reputation leader of SoSoSwift. I am going to think of some sort of reward for the user that suprasses me. Feel free to send me suggestions. I could have a friend design a special badge for their profile or maybe even feature them on their own page?

One of the next steps I plan to take with regards to reputations is to tie the SoSoSwift accounts of the authors of tutorials to their links. That way authors who post their own links will receive a lot of positive feedback in the form of reputation and it should also make them more visible to other users. This will consist of an additional question on the submission form "Are you the author of this tutorial?" as well as a system to retroactively allow users to claim tutorials. Things like this largely depend on an honor system but users are also motivated to only claim links that they actually authored for threat of being banned. It is very important for SoSoSwift to keep increase the feedback and interaction between authors and their readers.

Repuations might seem a little hokey but whether I like to admit it or not, I consider a user's reputation on sites like reddit, stackoverflow and hackernews. It is nice to know at a glance that someone didn't just make a throwaway account to start a flame war and also that they have some investment in the community. In addition to reputations, I've also kept a score for the links posted to SoSoSwift but I haven't advertised it up to this point. The main reason for keeping the score hidden is that I am still not happy with the algorithm. Reworking the post scoring algorithm is definitely on my roadmap. Another item in the immediate future for SoSoSwift is a new logo! An artist friend of mine has been working on designs and they look far better than what I made. Stay tuned for that!

Thanks again for taking the time to read this post and for using SoSoSwift. Feel free to drop a line in comments below or send an email.

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