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One Month of

July 6th, 2014

This weekend marks one month of operation for It has been a really fun experience and I hope you are all finding it a useful tool. Even with XCode 6 and iOS 8 in beta, SoSoSwift has seen steady usage since its first day with thousands of visitors. I truly hope that SoSoSwift has made it a little easier for each one of them while on their way to learning Swift.

Like all of you, I was very excited by Apple's announcement of their new programming language at this year's WWDC. The day after the accouncement, I downloaded Xcode 6 and searched around for some "hello world" Swift tutorials to give it a try. A few things struck me that day. The first was that Swift seemed really cool and I couldn't wait to learn more. The second was after just one day there were already numerous basic tutorials being posted. Finally, I thought that it would be great if I had a place to save and organize all of these new resources.

I launched SoSoSwift in the early hours of June 4th at the end of an after-work, "all nighter." After making a post in the Swift sub-reddit and in a few other places there was an immediate flow of traffic. On the first day, SoSoSwift was just a list of links which could be sorted and searched and an email address for user's to send submissions.

About once a week since the launch I have added a new feature:

  • User profiles and voting - June 8th
  • Collections - June 16th
  • User Submissions - June 23rd
  • Tutorial requests - June 29th
  • The blog you're currently reading. :) - July 6th

Though I am happy at the rapid development and iteration of SoSoSwift, in the future I would like to be guided more by user feedback and analytics rather then my own predetermined vision for the site. With that in mind, the next iteration of the site will be more focused on better analytics and a more visible, easier way for users to give feedback. Depending on the feedback, there are still a few items left on my original roadmap including comments, notifications and a 5-star rating system. Hopefully, I will learn so much from the feedback that an entirely new and far better roadmap will take the place of this one!

Thank you to everyone that has spread the word about SoSoSwift and given me counsel. And an extra big thanks to everyone that uses SoSoSwift! I enjoy building products and it is great when you create something that people like to use! I feel like a man trying to start a fire after he puts the tiny hot coal in his tinder bundle. Now I am gently holding and blowing into it, hoping to ignite the little bundle.

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