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New Logo by Matt Ketchum

July 25th, 2014

Matthew "Big Teeff" Ketchum has redesigned the logo for SoSoSwift. He's created a cooler and much more legal look for our little site.

Official logo for

Matt is an Atlanta Native who graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a Bachelors of Science in Media Arts and Animation. His style captures the weird and humorous with influences from his early childhood cartoons and comics. He currently resides in Atlanta pursuing his career as an artist and designer.

Matt snacking on an elephant foot.

Matt proposed several different ideas, some of which may wind up showing their faces on SoSoSwift and our twitter account in the future. The first goal of this redesign was to create something unique, no longer just a rotated and colored version of Apple's Swift logo. The second goal was to connect the new logo to the meaning behind the name SoSoSwift. "Meaning behind the name???", you say! I'm not certain if the connection is obvious at all unless you are from Atlanta or were a fan of hip-hop in the US in the early 1990's but it is a tip of the cap to the Atlanta, hip-hop record label So So Def. I've been an avid hip-hop listener (and sometime creator) my entire life. Since I'm building this site in Atlanta, the name "SoSoSwift" felt perfect from the moment it popped in my head. The So So Def logo had a gentlemen with an Afro which contained the words "So So Def" and a big chain. He never worked the chain in but the designs he created were influenced by So So Def's logo.

Initially, Matt's designs had the bird in a straight-on view.

"Straight-on" view logos.

He also made several versions for the SoSoSwift bird with the angled view.

"Angled" view, afroless logos.

Do you think we made the right choice? I like different aspects of all the designs but the angled view with the big afro is such a nice combination of cool and cuddly, I felt it was the clear winner.

This is the first touch that Matt has put on the site and I hope it is the beginning of a larger collaboration. Make sure you reach out to Matt on twitter, instagram and umblr and tell him how much you like his work!

Next in the pipeline for SoSoSwift are comments which I hope to have finished within the next week. Stay tuned and please let us know what you think of everything we've done so far!

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