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Swift Version: unspecified
Soon after Swift came out David Kobilnyk set out on an interesting quest: to convert all the Objective-C code samples in the seminal book “iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide” to Swift. In his SLUG presentation at ThoughtWorks, he covered a range of topics, including Swift data types and mutability of types, and converting Objective-C code into Swift.

by Chris Eidhof
Swift Version: unspecified
Chris Eidhof is the author of the upcoming book Functional Programming in Swift, co-creator of and organizer of UIKonf. We were thrilled when he agreed to speak at the SLUG meetup in San Francisco. In this presentation, Chris spoke about how to leverage the capabilities of Swift to do functional programming, not as a replacement for OOP, but rather as an additional tool in the toolbox.

by Nick Hanan
Swift Version: unspecified
This post shows how to use a nested type in Swift. It is particularly useful to nest an enumeration within the class that makes use of it.

by Jasen Lew
Swift Version: unspecified
A quick (1-2 minutes) post on Swift's native .sort method on array data types, and it's elegant syntax.

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