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Patrick Bradley

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Atlanta, GA

I'm a swift noob, web developer and creator of

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Request: Camera tutorial 1 Fulfilled
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Description: The basics of working with the camera in iOS 8 using Swift.


Request: Apple WatchKit tutorial 0 Fulfil request

Description: How to create the three basic types of apps: Actionable notifications, Glances and WatchKit apps and connect them to an existing app you have previously made.


Request: 'Sign in with Facebook' with Swift, Devsie and Omniauth 0 Fulfil request

Description: A tutorial showing how to create a Swift app which signs a user in with their Facebook (or other oauth account) via AJAX with a server using Devise and Omniauth. This tutorial is extensible to other server scenarios but I know that the Devise/Omniauth community at large is still a little troubled by connecting their users in iOS apps.


Request: How to use devise-ios pod with devise-ios-rails gem for user authentication and management. 0 Fulfil request

Description: A cocoapod ( and a corresponding ruby gem ( have been created to help use the popular Devise authentication solution used by many Rails developers. I would like to see a tutorial showing how to use the devise-ios cocoapod in an iOS app using Swift.

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