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Authentication, User Management, OAuth

Patrick Bradley (58804)

by Subhransu Behera
Swift Version: 1.1
Learn how to secure your iOS app by adding user accounts using Swift and a custom Ruby on Rails backend.

by Brian Coleman
Swift Version: 1.2
In this tutorial learn how to integrate Facebook Login into your iOS Swift project using the Facebook SDK 4.1.x.

by Ian Bradbury
Swift Version: 1.1
How to make sure our user really exists* iOS 8.3+ Swift 1.2 Parse 1.7.2 * Maybe You'll find links to the solutions and other resources at the end of this tutorial. One of the great feature sets...

by Matt Goldspink
Swift Version: 1.1
In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to setup a Twitter & Facebook Login and Signup view so you can get users signed up with minimal effort. The article will walk you through how to get all the configuration setup using Parse’s default Login and Signup views.

by Matt Goldspink
Swift Version: 1.1
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to customize your Parse Login and Sign Up views and add some animations so your app would seem unique and professional.

by Vea Software
Swift Version: unspecified
Welcome to Vea Software Tutorials. The purpose of Vea Software is to help individuals create amazing products! :D For more information please visit http://ww...

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