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Request: Uber app 0 Fulfil request

Description: How to create an uber like app from getting the location to submitting a purchase/ payment process


Request: Custom Segue in Apple's New app 1 Fulfil request

Description: Could someone explain how to create the transition effect used in News app? It resembles "Magic Move" in Keynote where a picture from the presenting view (TableView in iPhone, CollectionView in iPad) is carried over to the presented view with no visual interruption. Thanks in advance.


Request: Login system in Osx with swift 0 Fulfil request

Description: How to create a loging system for mac


Request: Best practices for reusable views 0 Fulfil request

Description: What are best practices for using same views (for ex: app header, or footer) common through entire application and how better manager this in storyboard and code?


Request: ContainerView with multiple embed segues 0 Fulfil request

Description: How to transition from one view to other in same container view using segues? So this means to have something like partial view which can be replaced by other in same way as usual segue transitions.


Request: How to use devise-ios pod with devise-ios-rails gem for user authentication and management. 0 Fulfil request

Description: A cocoapod ( and a corresponding ruby gem ( have been created to help use the popular Devise authentication solution used by many Rails developers. I would like to see a tutorial showing how to use the devise-ios cocoapod in an iOS app using Swift.


Request: Clone in SpriteKit 0 Fulfil request

Description: I Am Woundering on How do you Make a Game Like Clone


Request: Request for embedding Cordova plugins into swift code 0 Fulfil request

Description: I have cordova code generated in Objective C. Now I would like to understand the nuances of integrating a preexisting Cordova webview code into Swift.


Request: segmented control with container views 0 Fulfil request

Description: Need tutorial for segmented control and scrollable container views, any example?


Request: Hierarchies in iOS 0 Fulfil request

Description: How can hierarchies (e.g., for directories & files) be handled and displayed in iOS with Swift?


Request: Calendar View 0 Fulfil request

Description: With custom cell


Request: Facial Recognition 0 Fulfil request

Description: I would like to see an app using a Facial Recognition feature.


Request: Multiple Table Views with relational core data 0 Fulfil request

Description: I've seen several tutorials on making a basic list app using table views, but would like to see something where a user can tap on a list item, and see a subview with a list of items, all saved via core data. Think: a gift list app, where you have a list of people, and when tapped, a list of that person's gifts.


Request: Manipulate Images with Gesture Recognizers 0 Fulfil request

Description: I am interested in learning how to not only adjust image dimensions, but also how to add-on to those images ie: Snapchat's drawing or other Swift features like image filters, blurring, etc


Request: Core Data with iCloud 0 Fulfil request


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