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by samantha
Swift Version: 1.1

Teaching myself Swift by completing courses, tutorials and everything free and sharing what I've learnt as I tackle 100 days of iOS development.

Hmmm...seems like is also not working. :/

by Patrick Bradley · almost 4 years ago

Link no longer works, it is now

by samantha · over 4 years ago

Hi all, please post directly to my website for future requests thanks as I don't check this site regularly. It will also show a lot of support and give me a drive to post tutorials about iOS. I have moved your comments over for now.

by samantha · almost 5 years ago

Hi there. It would be great if you post the steps you take writing your apps, like you said. I'm new developing for iOS and just starting my own first steps. Thank you for sharing!!

by Rafael Marques · almost 5 years ago

Hey Samantha, thanks for posting! Please post links to your individual daily work! I think little app projects work really well as tutorials. At least for me. :)

by Patrick Bradley · almost 5 years ago

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