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Filter Tutorials by Swift Version Number

April 18th, 2016

Discovering tutorials that both teach the lesson I want to learn and work with my current version of Swift can be difficult. To help alleviate this we are adding version number support to tutorials posted on SoSoSwift. Now you can filter tutorials by your target Swift version. You can see Apple's official Swift revision history here.

Drop down version filter for tutorials.

In this update we have also finally added the ability for users to edit their posts. I would imagine it is shocking that this isn't already a feature... Read more

Swift News!

June 29th, 2015

We are happy to announce support for the posting of any link related to the Swift language. Prior to today, our policy was to remove all non-tutorial posts from SoSoSwift even if they were Swift related. All the non-tutorial links will now go under the heading 'news'.

Article about sososwift/news in a promiment US publication.

In the coming months we will add... Read more

New Logo by Matt Ketchum

July 25th, 2014

Matthew "Big Teeff" Ketchum has redesigned the logo for SoSoSwift. He's created a cooler and much more legal look for our little site.

Official logo for

Matt is an Atlanta Native who graduated from... Read more

User Reputations

July 13th, 2014

This weekend I added user "reputations" to SoSoSwift. Reputations are a way to recognize user contributions to the site. The actions users are awarded reputation points for are vital to the health and growth of Actions such as posting new links, creating requests for tutorials, responding to those requests, voting, and creating popular collections are all awarded various amounts of points. It is not my intent to be secretive about the point system, I just assume that it will be adjusted a bit in the future and would rather now print hardcoded values in this blog. :)

My profile header with the new reputation.

Currently my reputation absolutely crushes everyone else's. It would be a great day for me if I was overtaken as the reputation leader of SoSoSwift. I am going to think of some sort of reward for the user that suprasses... Read more

One Month of

July 6th, 2014

This weekend marks one month of operation for It has been a really fun experience and I hope you are all finding it a useful tool. Even with XCode 6 and iOS 8 in beta, SoSoSwift has seen steady usage since its first day with thousands of visitors. I truly hope that SoSoSwift has made it a little easier for each one of them while on their way to learning Swift.

Like all of you, I was very excited by Apple's announcement of their new programming language at this year's WWDC. The day after the accouncement, I downloaded Xcode 6 and searched around for some "hello world" Swift tutorials to give it a try. A few things struck me that day. The first was that Swift seemed really cool and... Read more

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