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by Adithya Sukumar
Swift Version: unspecified
Today we will be learning how to create a login form with multiple users and multiple passwords using NSArrays, and multiple functions related to them. First create a single view iOS project in XCode,...

by Arthur Knopper
Swift Version: unspecified
When using Table Views inside the Storyboard, prototype cells can be used to create some predefined or even custom layouts of the Table View Cells. In this tutorial we will create a basic Prototype cell, which includes an (optional) image and a title. This tutorial is written in Swift so you will need Xcode 6. It can be downloaded at Apple's developer portal.

by Johannes Berger
Swift Version: unspecified
„Swifty - Learn to code SWIFT!“ is a interactive app that teaches you to code in Swift with 100+ interactive lectures. Learn by coding and get instant feedback! Download it on the AppStore.

Swift Version: unspecified
With Apple’s recent release of the Swift programming language I have decided I have to check it out. One of the biggest reasons I’ve stayed away from Apple’s various SDKs is my dislike of Objective-C. Swift on the other hand is quite a nice little language at least from my experiences so far.

by kainjow
Swift Version: unspecified
EfiresViewer - Swift-based OS X demo app to view images in efires files

by Chris Chares
Swift Version: unspecified
Part 1 - Prototype

by dellaph1
Swift Version: unspecified
Apple Developer: My Twitter:

by samantha
Swift Version: 1.1
Teaching myself Swift by completing courses, tutorials and everything free and sharing what I've learnt as I tackle 100 days of iOS development.

by synboo
Swift Version: unspecified
Flickr popular photo viewer with Swift

by Natasha The Robot
Swift Version: unspecified
Last time at SLUG, we were excited to welcome NatashaTheRobot at our latest meetup, graciously hosted by Eventbrite. TableViews are the foundation of many iOS applications, and Swift provides several unexplored patterns for approaching TableViews. In this talk, Natasha goes over the basics of TableViews and how to apply “Swift-thinking” when approaching them in iOS8. Natasha is an iOS engineer who’s currently blogging about her experience learning Swift, and has started sending out a weekly Swift newsletter!

by kaiinui
Swift Version: unspecified
Sample Swift Project using UICollectionView + AFNetworking Image and DAPagesContainer

by Clayton McIlrath
Swift Version: unspecified
Our first Swift tutorial will be focused on using the Swifter framework to connect to twitter. The Swifter library makes authorization, fetching, and posting data to twitter very easy. In this tutorial, we will focus on authorizing a user and then displaying the latest tweets in a UITableView.

by Ruoyu Fu
Swift Version: unspecified
Since Swift is very strict about types, it can be a hassle working with JSON because it's naturally implicit about types. [SwiftyJSON][1] is an open source library that helps you use JSON in Swift without tearing your hair out. Before getting started, let's take a closer look at just how painful handling JSON in Swift can be.

by robb
Swift Version: unspecified
A small tutorial how to build a slick transitions for a Hamburger Button

by vikmeup
Swift Version: unspecified
Beautiful animated Alert View. Written in Swift

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